Barbara Kapusta

(born 1983 in Vienna; lives and works in Vienna) is a writer and artist who in her works interconnects human bodies with the language of the digital world. Her texts are literary fiction that, in the form of fragments or whole stories, penetrate into artists’ publications, performances, film works and object installations on the border between physical and virtual environments. The texts touch upon environmental issues, cyberculture, queerness, as well as the ideas of a post-gender world and post-humanism.

Kapusta’s work has been presented in numerous solo exhibitions, e.g., at the Kunsthalle Bratislava (2022), Gianni Manhattan in Vienna (2020), the Kunstraum in London (2019), as well as group exhibitions, e.g., at the Kunsthaus Hamburg (2022), the Belvedere 21 in Vienna (2021), the Kunsthalle Wien (2021), the Futura Gallery in Prague (2021), the Kunstforum Wien (2020) and the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin (2017).